Ecommerce Website Tip: The Importance of `Keeping Your Ear on the Ground'

More and more people are shopping online and it is becoming easier and more affordable than ever to start and run your own ecommerce website. However, while this may be good for the small business owner, it may also not be so good, because it is making the web more and more crowded.

While it does take some work to set an ecommerce website, it is not nearly as much work as it is to set up a physical storefront. While an ecommerce site cannot replace a physical storefront, it can be more efficient to use. Therefore, both types of stores are still valuable depending on what you need.

A Good Reputation is Important to Ecommerce Sites

Since about three-quarters of the people shopping online fear some sort or fraud or identity theft, it is important for the owner of an e-commerce website to reassure customers that their private information remains just that - private.

Here are 6 good practices to follow to help your customers enjoy peace of mind when doing business at your online shop.

  • Clear Policies - Have clear policies on guarantees, delivery, refunds and privacy and make sure that they are easy to find.

  • Printer Friendly - Make sure that you offer printer friendly versions of any confirmation number or receipts that you generate for them.

  • Secure Pay - Make sure that your checkout system is secure and simple to use.

  • SSL Encryption - Make sure that your website is encrypted SSL and secure.

  • Security - Registration with a good security site like Verisign, then display their logo to help alleviate customer's online shopping fears.

  • Directories - Register with local directories.

Ecommerce can be Fun

Make your website a place worth visiting. Have meaningful content that is frequently updated. Have your content be well written and engaging, so that when users search the web and find your site, they are interested enough to keep browsing through it. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, and that it has fast response times. Make sure that product images are visually appealing. Engage your customer. Offer fun ideas on things to do with your product.

Ecommerce Can be Engaging

A great way to let a customer really experience a product is to show it in action in a video, so that users can feel more comfortable placing it in their ecommerce shopping cart. Obviously not all products would need a video to showcase them, so you could feature a new product video each week. Make sure that the quality of the video is always excellent.

Ecommerce and Live Chat

Online shopping and multitasking go hand in hand, and frequently a customer would rather engage in online chat and get a question answered than have to call a customer service center. If you already have a customer service department, then adding online chat to it will not be a hard fit. If you do not have customer support staff, then there are some good online options available to add live chat to your website. This is also a good reason to utilise other digital marketing tools such as an email newsletter, which can be sent out to a targeted mailing list,

Value is not always about being the cheapest. Sometimes it is about being the best, fastest or most convenient. But if you understand what your customer considers valuable and that is what you deliver to him, then you have built a loyal customer. According to research done by Nielsen, mothers are the fastest growing segment of online shoppers. With time and money stretched tighter than ever, many are turning to the internet for products, services and even… friendships.

Many mothers who do not get out of the house are using the internet as their lifeline to adult conversation. When deciding on a niche for your product, look at the demographic that it will serve also.

Online Trends and Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Whether or not your site is designed to sell directly to the ecommerce customer, it is still important that you are aware of how people are using the internet. These email marketing and ecommerce web site design trends can help dictate the most strategic way for you to market your web space, and by staying in front of new trends, your site can enjoy less competition as you adjust your marketing techniques.

In order to keep your site relevant and increase web site traffic, make sure that you website has quality content that is updated frequently. While an ecommerce site is directly selling a product or service, and its content is important because it is describing products. It is also possible to build a thriving informational site. Consider building a site that reports news and trends in any industry, review products, host a blog or create affiliate relationships with other websites. Choosing a reputable ecommerce hosting service can also be a valuable investment.

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