Analysing your Competitor's SEO Rankings

As a business owner you need to be aware of your competitors and their marketing strategies to win customers. Just as you would in traditional marketing, the same goes for internet marketing. Knowing where your online business is in comparison to your competitors is important and one to do that is to analyse your competitors SEO rankings.

The Importance of Analyzing the Competitor's SEO Rankings

It is important for website owners to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques in their website as more than 85% of the total generated traffic volume comes from search engines only. You should also have information about the page ranks of your competitor websites and what method they are applying in attaining them. To get the targeted traffic, it is vital to remain one step ahead from your competitors in terms of page rank. If you want your site to be easily found and receive attention on search engines, you should be in the foremost thirty to fifty results for the selected keywords.

To make your site more relevant to the search engine, concentrate on the right keywords. Then you can get to know about your main competitors by just writing those keywords on some of the leading search engines. Look at the page rank of first 20 or so results. Then you can design your own marketing strategies and techniques by analyzing what techniques they have adopted to attain that rank.

Choose your method of analysis

This analysis can be done by different methods varying according to the budget. On the one hand, there are many companies which can analyze for you the page rank of your competitor's website at a small payment. On the other hand, you can download or buy software or a web tool if you are interested to analyze by yourself. You have another option of the tools that search engines provide you to carry out the basic analysis.

Basic web page analysis using Google search engine Nowadays, Google provides very little information about the competitor websites but still there is functionality available on the Google toolbar to get information about a page on a competitor's site. The things you can find out include:

  1. The Page Rank assigned to each web page by Google.
  2. How many times the searched keyword appears on that page.
  3. The usage of keywords
  4. The usage of keywords in the meta tags for a particular web page.
  5. The different sources of back links to the page.

A website's ranking is determined by its quality links

For search engine optimization, the number of back links is an important factor. To a large extent, the page rank of a website is determined by the number of incoming links it receives from other sites, and also the rank of those sites. Your competitors with high web ranking may have an advantage of getting some back links from high Page Rank sites.

By analyzing the link pages of your competitors, you can get an idea of their back links. Sometimes there is a reciprocal arrangement in which they create a link to another site in order to get a back link from the same site. You can approach a good ranking site to give a back link to your site if they are relevant to your subject.

Additional elements on your competitors' sites to be analyzed

There are lots of things along with web ranking which you can analyze on your competitor's sites. These things involve the impact of their home page, the organization and efficacy of the content, the simplicity of navigation in the site and the speed of loading along with the overall performance of the site. As customers tend to come back to those sites which can be easily navigated and well organized, you must be cautious in this respect to cope up with your competitors.

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