Organic or Paid SEM?

As the internet continues to grow and more businesses make themselves available online the importance to stay ahead of competitors increases. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an effective strategy that can considerably improve page ranks, website traffic and even sales. With so many search engine marketing techniques available which is better Organic or Paid marketing?

Search Engine Marketing Techniques - Organic Vs Paid Marketing

There are two main search engine marketing techniques. You can either get your site listed on the internet through organic optimization, or you can pay for your traffic and your ranking. A combination of the two techniques is really the best option, if you have the money in your budget for the task.

Organic Optimization

Organic SEO requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You are attempting to get your site in the top of the search results without paying a dime for advertising. This can be difficult, but with the right marketing techniques it is far from impossible.

The first step in organic SEO is keyword research. Do not use the most popular keywords. Hone in on the niche market that your business or website pertains to, and develop relevant, keyword dense content that is friendly to both web crawlers and human readers. Use this content in your website, blogs, classified ads, and articles submitted to directories.

Another search engine marketing technique great for organic SEO is back linking. Back links are links that lead to your website from a third party website. You then place an ad on your website to that listing page. This creates a loop that the engines, and your visitors, may travel, causing your site to get more traffic and be crawled more often.

Paid Marketing Techniques

Paid search engine marketing involves pay-per-click, or sponsored, advertising. You can purchase these paid ads on every search engine, most yellow pages sites, and many directories. They used to be well worth the money, and in some cases they still work quite well.

Unfortunately, people have begun to catch on. A lot of the sites that pay for advertising do so because their websites are not good enough for organic SEO. This typically means that the site is fairly useless to the internet searcher. Surveys are showing that more and more people skip over the "sponsored" ads displayed by search engines. It is better to spend your money on experts with knowledge in organic marketing techniques.

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