6 newsletter e-tips

As most of our clients know, an e-newsletter is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available on the internet – but as with anything to get the best results you need to be checking all the boxes. Here are 6 great e-tips to maximise effectiveness and increase your response rate:

E-tip 1.

Writing a newsletter is not about attracting readers, but converting readers into clients. So to write a killer newsletter, start by sharing your expertise. Write high-impact pieces about your industry, products, ideas, awards you have won, case studies and other success stories. Spark your clients’ interest by giving them “sneak previews” into up and coming projects or products.

E-tip 2.

Make e-newsletters interactive by incorporating links into your text and inviting readers to send through immediate feedback or questions. Place the more detailed information on your site, giving readers the option to click on the links that catch their attention to read more.

E-tip 3.

Add some personality – help your clients get to know and trust you better by sharing your personal views, jokes and anecdotes. Slow down the skim-readers with humour and motivational quotes.

E-tip 4.

If you use email tracking software, and you’d be crazy if you didn’t, you can personalise your e-newsletters and tailor them to specific interest lists. That way you are offering your clients information that is meaningful and useful to them – after all, the reason people sign up to a newsletter is because of the value perception – or the “what's in it for me?” factor.

E-tip 5.

Timing. Don’t let your pride and joy get swamped by spam in a neglected inbox while your client is on holiday, or consigned to junk at a frantic moment - drop it in early in the week and while the day is young, at a time when your client is alert and likely to be planning or making purchasing decisions.

E-tip 6.

Frequency. Any more frequent than a weekly mailout and you might as well be stalking your customers; any less than monthly and your messages are all but a distant echo across the ether of the internet…

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